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January 14, 2010


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Mary on Lake Pulaski

It helps me when I pull up a certain fabric that I like, other coordinating fabrics (even from other lines) also show as a smaller option on the bottom of the page. I also buy MORE fabric this way!

Sarah Bisel

Something that always opens my wallet is a 20% promotion. We have a local store, that picks one day to do 20% off a certain line, or manufacturer. This grabs people, and commits them to a purchase on that day, and may encourage other purchases as well.

Good Luck in your adventures.


I would like to see 1/2 yard groupings as I am not good at pulling colors together. You have neat fabric. How about a quilt along and offer your fabric as a kit for the quilt along.


I think that your shipping prices are a little high. I ordered 1 yard of fabric for 5.50 and ended up paying $5 in shipping- I thought that was a bit steep. Also- do you have a sale section? Listing it seperately might be easier. I also think that it is nice to buy fabric in less than a yard. I understand not going all the way down to .25, but at least to let us buy in half yards!

Good luck in your makeover!!

Marla Altemus

About the categories that have nothing in them. If you will be filling these categories within the month, you could simply say "Coming soon" under the link. Otherwise you should remove them and add them back as needed.
Can't wait to see the remodel!


Have some free patterns.


I would have the home page be more of an entryway/gateway with categories that you can click on. From there you can have categories similar to what you have set up. I like the categories you currently have chosen but I agree the layout is more of a 'journal/blog' feel than a store.

But I LOVE the color choices you have.


I think your site is great, one suggestion that I would have is to somehow be able to shop for fabrics by color. I know you have a "by designer" category and a "by company" category which is awesome, but when trying to match things it is sometimes useful to have the color sort tool.

Also, love the free patterns area, how aboyut adding tutorials or links to bloggers tutorials that you would endorse?


Hello, I thought I would just 'bite the bullet' and comment even though it doesn't feel right to enter a contest when I won last month.

I think your website is wonderful and things like font size, colour, etc. are all personal preferences. The only suggestion I can even think of is that I would like to see fabrics grouped by colour, as well as by designer and collection (which you have). Sometimes when I'm looking for fabric, I don't know who the designer is; I just want some nice red material, for example.

Actually I AM looking for some nice, red material...

Maren Oborn

I noticed that many of the posts mention that your site looks more like a blog than a store. I would suggest taking a look at "Moda's" Site. I think it is a very clean, appealing and easy to navigate site.
Most of the top sites have their logo at the top and a lot of white space.
I also like the idea of being able to see larger sizes and close-ups of your materials for sale.
You have beautiful fabric and I love the ideas you share on your BLOG, as well.


I was cleaning up my computer desk area just this week and ran across a post-it note with "Lanie Jane" written on it. I'm not even sure why I had written it..or when it was written. And it made me think that I hadn't noticed Bloglines lit up recently that there was a new post from you (and then today there was a new post!!)

I guess my suggestion would be to keep your customers coming back to your site by updating your blog and keeping us aware that you have sales or just to let us know new fabric is in and what you've made with it. I second the suggestion about buying in increments less than a yard.

My first introduction to your site was when you had a giveaway a few months ago. The only way to enter the giveaway was to place an order. Well...I know that's a good way to get orders...but suppose I really liked your site but just wasn't ready to order or had to wait til next month for money to come in, etc., I'd lose out on participating and probably just not bother coming back. I guess that first introduction made me think you weren't looking out for the customer first. But maybe that's not true..just the impression I got.

I really wish you well in your makeover! And I thank you for the giveaway...and especially not chosen from the best answer but by random number to give everyone a chance.


thank you for the reminder to give you my two cents on your online store...well, figeratively and literally cause while browsing i accidently put a few things in my cart and checked out...oh well, i got the full look at your site this way, right? explain that to my hubby ok?? :)

In general i think your pricing is fair. the one charm pack that you have hand cut...i could see that being a wee bit cheaper simply because its not die cut, it then again, it is a unique charm pack...so maybe its fine...

and also on pricing...i, personally, would not spend 2.50 on a fat quarter. i know you are left with an orphan FQ that may or may not sell, but i wont spend 10 a yard (equivalent) on most fabrics, so id like to see the FQ price a bit cheaper.

I love that you have jumbo rick rack. lovely.

i was disappointed to find there was nothing listed under a number of categories...kids quilts...nothing, melissa averinos ... nothing...i foudn this to be the case on too many items. as well as under the theme option with fabrics...kind of a neat idea, but don't tempt me if you dont have hte goods!

i thought you selection of fabric was choice, but limited. i like your odds and ends section ALOT. my favorite place to shop...older prints at cheaper price equals divine to me!

so that is it, my two cents. i like your shop, ill probably come back, im excited to see what changes you have in store...

oh, i thought it was real easy to get from checkout back to shopping...i liked that feature!

Thanks for a chance at the LOVE!
good luck with your store face lift!!


wow, so much has already been said...i didnt read all the comments...but what i really wish for is to be able to look at fabrics by color... so if i need a blue fabric - i could click to see all your blue options, etc.


See? Not talking to yourself at all. (But I, as someone who reads much more than she comments will take that as a reminder to comment more, even if it is just to say "hi", or "that's lovely", which your blog certainly is).
About the shop, I think it is nice and clean and fresh, and (unlike the previous commenter) think the shipping info is perfectly clear, and please don't switch to weight based calculations, because that is too much guessing/math for inexperienced buyers. Also, your shipping is very reasonable, and making me want to spend money I don't have.
What I would like: 1) for the "Theme" button to do something; 2) a "Color" option (way more helpful for me than themes, actually); 3) for the fq bundles and charm packs, I would like to have a glimpse at all the fabrics included (right now, some charm packs do, some don't); 4) for all the designers to be listed (if some Deer Valley weren't right on the front page, I might think you had no Joel Dewberry); 5) If coordinating fabrics, or, better yet, fabrics that aren't from the same collection, but that you chose as coordinates showed up at the bottom of each fabric page, that would be nice (but maybe too much work, and not indispensable); 6) some picked by you fq bundles would also be lovely; 7) A different banner, I love your logo and the clean crispness of yours, but I think something original, rather than swatches of current fabrics would be better: more impact, more timeless; 8)If you did that, then the banner wouldn't have to change - or could change only in color - which would be stronger for "brand" identity; 9) This is really niggling, but the banner now says "our store", and I find that confusing, like it's a link to somewhere else "store home" or something along those lines would be better.
10) I hope this helped! Good luck!


Well, something to win is always fun and helping others to make their shop a better place to shop is just great!
So, here we go:
I really like shops where I can get other amount of fabric then just 1 yard. I suppose it is too much work when everyone can just type in whatever amount one likes but I sometimes need a bunch of different types of fabric but just a quarter yard of each (does that sound logic?). So, ordering in quater yard steps would be great!
The shipping overview is a bit confusing. Actually it is quite clear, but I know that it is the weight of fabric that one purchases that counts for the $14 flat rate envelope not the amount of $ one pays for it. So how about saying something like: 2 to 6 yards of fabric qualifie for a $ 14 shipment, everything above$39 and then everything above $120 is free of shipping charge.
Or something like this. For me it is easier to calculate the yards I buy then the money, especially if I buy in quater yard steps :)
I also would make a bigger deal out of new arrived fabric. That's what people are normally drawn to.
And sales. I think that the classification in clearance, end of bolt, and odds and ends might make sense if there are a loooooot of things in there but since there aren't it just annoys me that I have to go from one to another category. Well, you can list everything when someone clicks on "sale", and then that person could later chose to just display the "odds and ends" by clicking on the button in the left hand column.
And it enormously confused me that I only see one fabric design for one collection.
A website that sells a lot and has - in my opinion- a shop that is really easy to buy from and self-explaining is the sew mama sew shop.
Hope this helped a bit! Happy remodeling!


Thanks for a chance to let you know what we love and what we'd like to see! I look forward to seeing what you are able to do! Your site is easy to navigate and your fabric offerings are great! I think your site lacks confidence! What do I mean? Well, I think we all know you have some great fabrics and now you just need to run with it. You have bold, fun, vibrant fabrics but the look of the site is a bit "timid". It needs to be stronger visually. I think you need a stronger font (not necessarily bolder) and less white space. Bigger photos, maybe? More colour equals more pop. I think a montage of photos across the top would be stronger than the current "fabric swatch" blocks. Also, on the main page where you have photos of new fabrics, the photos should be consistent, e.g., all of a swatch, or all of a finished item or all of a bundle. When I pop in and see a bit of a mish mash, I think hmmm, they are probably too small to have the things I'm looking for so I think I'll just move on to another site. Gosh, hope that doesn't all sound too harsh. I want to see Lanie Jane thrive and be around for as long as I need to keep buying quilting fabric (which will be a long time!). Have fun with wherever you decide to take your site!


I like the clean, fresh look of your store. My input: Something needs to be a bit more dominant at the top of your page. Though I like pink, maybe it's not the best color for the font - it just feels weak. I'm not advocating something harsh and bold though! Also at least 3 different options (example: tools, free patterns, quilt kits, etc.) are 'empty' saying "there are no available featured products". When I see that in online stores it makes me feel that the store is too busy and over committed to do what they started out to do or in a 'hobby' mindset of maintaining their store in that it doesn't bother them keep the 'shelves' (menu options) filled --it's no big deal. It's better to remove those options if they are not going to have content. I like lean (fewer options) and complete (like a boutique shop feels) vs lots of departments that are not tended to. IF you do keep those options, put something positive there like "we're scouring the planet to bring you the best tools available". Be fresh/innovative in your statement, not using the same one for each. "Tools" would be a good area to get recommendations for also...via your blog. (beyond the usual rulers, etc.) Thanks for asking for input - that shows a sign of wanting to be customer focused --and that's a GREAT thing!
...glad to help...and I'm crossing my fingers to win!


I've read some of the previous posts and actually think I LIKE the way the site looks, kind of bloglike. I don't think you will ever please all of us --- you have a great eye, so just please yourself! As long as it's orderly and attractive and gets us where we need to be, I think it's great to be different. I like that your site is not set up in the "typical" style. One idea, though, since that is the rule for your giveaway...on the "end of bolt" page, maybe you could give an idea of how much fabric is left on the bolts.


I like your clean straight forward look. Easy to look around and shop. I do think that you need to indicate what the price on fabric represents..ie 1/2 yard, 1 yard...same as the ric-rac..I missed it if it was indicated, need to know price per inch/yard etc. Also the ric-rac needs to have a measurement size instead of small, med, large since that could be subjective for some folks. I really like the photos in the inspiration section. Good idea. Hope you have good success in remodeling!


Hello. You have a great selection and pricing. I ADORE all the new prints you've just received!

The site is a little difficult to navigate at times. I do think it needs a little spring cleaning... I would remove the "theme" category and add "just in" under fabrics. I think it would be nice to have one click and see thumbnails of all your newest prints.

You should also take off all the categories you don't have anything under "quilt kits", "tools", "free patterns". When you have those items to offer you can add the categories. It's disapointing to click something and see.. "there are no available products..." time after time.

When I click on a category like.. "ric rac" it would be simpler if the thumbnails came right up then. Rather than another ric rac image to click before I get to the actual ric rac choices.

Lastly I think the side bar should always remain the same as you click from page to page. That way it's easier to go back and forth and shop around. Simple suggestions... I hope these help. I LOVE what your doing and your blog is darling! Can't wait to see what you have coming. xo


Just popped back to see how all the suggestions are going.
Also, just thought I'd mention that my birthday is 31 January. Really!!!
Cheeky aren't I!!!


I find it a little frustrating/disappointing when I click on a category - for example "featured products" and there's nothing there. I would clean up your segments and add them as you have content to put in them. On return visits to the site, I may not be as apt to click on some headers if I know there wasn't anything listed there on a prior visit. I would rather see fewer categories, but have well developed contents within than many categories that are empty or with just one or two items.

I love the designers and fabrics you're carryign though - it's great to see a shop focusing on the more modern offerings!

Marla Altemus

Well, your product line is fine. What you need is to jazz up your site: 1. Use the complete screen. Add color and/or design to fill in the blank sides and add a border to your menu and top store name that remains constant as one moves from screen to screen. This will set it off from the rest and create an image that people will remember when they think of searching for quilting products. 2. Make your store name stand out. Try placing your name/logo in the center top or on the left top. This way it is not an after thought and doesn't get lost in the other pictures. Again use some type of signature pattern on each side of the logo that remains constant for all pages. Don't use white for the logo/name because it makes a negative type image that is not memorable. You want shoppers to think of you first when they need a quilting item. I also suggest applying your emphasis statement "limited edition quilting fabrics" somewhere at the top with your store name. 3. Make sure the search options is on the home page. 4. Make sure the shopping cart appears on the home page at the top so that it is easy to find. It will remind people to shop! Assure shoppers of secure processing. A minicart that shows your items and total on a sidebar is pretty nice also. 5. Be sure to promote new items on the home page. Use descriptive words that show your excitement about your products! Maybe in bolder text. It is better to not use the scroll effect for your new item dislpay, shoppers like to see things clearly laid out. Less clutter, less confusion. Use clear pictures, well separated and easy to see. This also leaves the option for a short exciting caption for the new items. 6.Clicking on an option,ex. charm packs, your display looks nice but if you used more brief descriptions, you could fit more on the page. Then when an item is selected, there should be clear, easy to see quality pictures of the item along with a more lengthy accurate description and all colors/ patterns available for the particular item. 6. Maybe offer notion items. We are always out of something or another. 7. Do special holiday or seasonal promotions. 8. Set up an email list to advertise sales, new items, etc. 9.Last of all, just show the fun and excitement you have for quilting and your store. I hope these suggestions help. Best wishes for your remodel!

Shannon F.

What a wonderful and generous giveaway! Thank you!

First off the initial impression is clean/fresh, this is really good and I would incorporate this feel as much as possible with the changes you plan to make. The navigation is simple and straitforward, you're doing more things right than not!

I'm usually looking for a specific collection when I'm hunting for fabrics online, so a list of designers in alphabetical order is always nice to see on the left hand side of a site because the customer can quickly click on the name and find out if the store carries a particular collection you're looking for from that designer.

Also, you've got such a great visual with the antique sewing machine and LanieJane - I would want that to become more prominant on the site. This is what people will remember! I really like the palette of different collections in your masthead, but I would make sure your name and that icon stands out for your customers. Good luck!

Linda Douglas

I like your set-up; have no problems navigating.I think it is sharp and to the point and I like that. XOXO Linda

Tricia L.

Your layout is nice and clean. Very simple, which is great because too much going on can be overwhelming for potential customers.

I agree with others about the fabric quantities. I usually only buy my fabric by the 1/2 yard.

Oh I love that you carry melly and me patterns and they ship free! Awesome!


First of all, you aren't talking with yourself, lol. I went to your store, I like it very much, I'm going to destroy you, you allow us, lol, -jk!- buuuuuttt it kinda look like a blog, it's a store and you need to sell your supplies, you need to add more colors, there are only fabrics in a row, maybe 2 or 3 rows work better, I don't see any form of payment, maybe it isn't visible in the main page, other thing I noticed was, when I clicked under free patterns ( I'm one who loves the sound of the word "free", lol), it was empty, I'm sure you're going to make a beautiful page and it will be most atractive to us (I'm not saying it isn't, btw)

Nan V.

Just a couple of suggestions. The Ric Rac section makes you click through a second screen to see what is actually for sale, but none of the other categories does this. In the Sale/End of Bolt section, it would be helpful to see how many yards are available without having to click on the fabric, then click on the drop-down box for number of yards. I would like to be able to see larger swatches of the fabric, with some it is very hard to see what the pattern actually is, and some of the swatch photos are a bit blurry (for example, Joy in Pink in the Funky Christmas line). And I agree with others that said that they would like to order in smaller quantites than 1 yard. Hope that helps!


I think it is clear and not too fussy. I would like to see the postage charges clearer as I am in Australia. I like your fabric choices, they are all nice. Good luck.


After reading some of the comments, I have to agree that you need something really catchy to show that you are a store and not a blog. I think it was easy to navigate the site. Would also like to see a pic of more of the fabrics on the charm packs, jelly rolls, etc. Looking forward to seeing what changes you make!!!

Wendy Peatross

I went straight to your web shop to check it out and offer some ideas. Instead of coming away with critiques for your site I ended up shopping. Your site is great, I loved my visit. Other people have left you lots of comments and suggestions all ready so I'll just finish up my order and get started on my baby quilt. Be back soon, Wendy

Dandelion Quilts

First and foremost, the positive...this is my first visit to your store and I love your modern fabrics and reasonable prices. Even your shipping is very reasonable. I will be back. I am bookmarking you as we speak.

Some tips and tidbits. I wish when I click on the sales button that when I then click on clearance to browse, the sales button would appear at the top of each pack, so I can easily navigate back to the original sales choices. Same thoughts go to Fat Quarters buttons or any other grouping like Layer Cakes or Charms. You should be able to get back to the original choices easily. I hope that makes sense. Lastly, your opening page is much to wordy and takes away from the eye. Your store description should be on a "About Us" or "Our Story" page. Instead just catch shopper's eye with tempting fabrics you have for sale currently.

:) I hope this helps.


i agree that it is great to see a little swatch near the fabric designers name..so that you get a little taste of their style. It is also a little frustrating that quite a few of the designers on your site don't have anything available in their categories but you don't find out until you clicked on their name.
Definitely need to state whether it's a price per metre/half metre/fat quarter.
Love those sites where you can pick a colour from a colour scale and it shows you all the fabrics in that colour range, and when you pick a fabric it shows all the colours also in that fabric (like Hawthorne Threads)

On the positive side..love the fabrics you have chosen to put in there. Love that each fabric 'swatch" is a decent size so that you can get a feel for each one...some of the other fabric sites have such small icons.


- I would like to see a bigger swatch of the fabric. Perhaps double clicking on the smaller swatch to get a bigger one.

- For purchasing fabrics by the yard, can you only purchase in whole yard increments? What if I need 2 and 1/3 yards, does that mean I have to buy 3 yards? If so, I might not buy the yardage.

- I would like the option to see all the fabric together in the event that I was looking for a particular color, style, or just something to catch my eye.

- When organized by designers, when I click on the designer, I would like to see all that you have by that designer on the first screen. If I was just browsing for something to catch my eye and I didn't care for the fabric that leads into the rest of the line, I might not click through to see the other fabrics.

- With the precuts, I want to see more than one of the fabrics.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new design. Good luck! :)

Jantine Urban

This was my first time at your shop and I immediately put it with my favorites! I like the way the different pictures shift! The letter is more the reading letter of a blog and something about the international shipping did not make sense. With the first two dots you tell about the costs for international shipping in envelops and then in the third you mention it again. It made me wonder if I had misread but I did not. So I think the third dot can be only about the box. Get what I mean. It is difficult to explain in a language that is not my first ;-).

Mary Flynn

You've got some beautiful fabrics but it would be hard to determine scale or size of the actual print. The web page is dull to me..the heading anyway. It would be easily overlooked. Do you have an incentive program or reason for your customers to return or check on you weekly for fear that they miss out on some wonderful deal? I wasn't even aware of your store....but am glad now that I can add it to my list of possibilites and of course watch for the wonderful changes you put in place.


My first thought is that when you are viewing a fabric line, say Nicey Jane, it would be great if you could see and purchase all the fabrics at once, like under each picture for each fabric in the line, there would be an add to cart feature so we could buy whatever fabrics from the same line at once instead of having to keep hitting the back button.
Also, the price on yardage is really the top prices that I have seen. I have seen new yardage for $7.50 or even $8.00/yard and I would be more willing to buy it at that price than full price. Otherwise I tend to look around for a better deal, and I rarely buy just yardage. I usually will buy charm packs, layer cakes with it.
Hope that helps!


I have to agree with some...A really GOTTCHA heading..something to really capture the attention. Like the pincushion and pillow pictures. The colors and thought process of what could be done with the fabarics. Also, on the inspiration area, no mention of who made them. Otherwise...I LOVE the fabric selection! Definitely not talking to yourself. LOL


I live in the "country" and the nearest quilt store is 2 hours away, so I do all of my fabric shopping online. For me, I must rely on the photos and descriptions of the fabric in order to make my purchase.

I would make sure that each fabric is clearly marked with the manufacturer's name, designer, collection, and print name.

I do love the logo and look of the store.

Thanks for sharing...and no, you are not talking to yourself!


It looks like todays comments are telling you that you aren't talking to yourself. Wahoo for comments! Two comments about the Ric Rac pages. Rather than have the Ric Rac link on the left go to one page that you must then click to get to the page with all of the Ric Racs, why not go straight to the second page? Also I think it would be very helpful if you put how wide the ric racs are in inches, not just Large, small, etc. It is much easier to know if something can go on a project if you have the actual measurements.

I noticed that a few others said that you site looks more like a blog than a store and I'm not sure that looking like a blog is a bad thing. I believe that if you have your metatags set up people will find your store and know that it is a store. Certainly once they begin to read they will know it is a store. Best wishes with the remodel!


I just found your store. I had signed up for your blog, but didn't know you had a store until I received your email today. I placed an order, assuming that the price was for a yard of fabric. It would be helpful to specify the yardage since so many fabric stores sell by the half yard. I would love to see more patterns offered for clothing. I am not a quilter, but I love quilt fabric for clothing. Regarding patterns, it would be helpful to give us more information about the amount of fabric required etc. On your website, your fabric store has the word "quilting" attached. If I had not searched, I would not have known that you had patterns for other types of sewing. Wish you had more options for shipping. I have ordered fabric on eBay and have found the shipping quite reasonable for multiple yards of fabric. All-in-all, you have a beautiful shop and I hope to order from you again. I just need to keep your shop in my mind and it helps to receive daily blogs because there are so many shops out there!


I always like when there are search by color options. And I LOVE your custom-created charm packs, seriously thinking about buying some (but I really shouldn't spend the money, boo hoo).


I've read the other suggestions & I think some of them are looking for something to dislike! I really liked your store!
My biggest suggestion-I didn't even realize you had a store! I have followed your blog for a little while, probably got referred to in another blog & never even noticed your little button up top in your blog! You maybe should make it more apparent!
Thanks-I'll check back again! Always interested in SALES!


Wow there are some really good observations already made. I agree with some, and others I don't. I LIKE that your shop looks like a blog - it is different from the norm, and I love that. It looks so clean and fresh. I do think a nice fancy header is in order though!

The only other criticism I can think of is that I think your fabrics are priced too high for an online store. I buy most of my fabric online now, and I know that competition is steep, but there are just so many amazing deals out there, even on the latest product lines. I just won't spend $8.95 for fabric online. In a brick and mortar store, yes, because I have instant gratification, and I can touch and see the fabrics.

I think your shipping prices are spot on and very fair.

I also like the customer inspiration area - great idea!!

Oh and you should do more blog updates - they are great!!!

I wish you wonderful luck with your store!

Katie B

Hi, there! I really love your shop and the selection of fabrics. Here are a few comments:

When you're looking at the fat quarter bundles, I'd suggest showing a thumbnail of several prints in the bundle (like you do with the Nicey Jane bundle) instead of just one print.

I love buying fabric in bundles, and I'd love to see some custom bundles that you create--not just fabrics from one line, but a variety of patterns and colors pulled from several lines and designers.

One thing about your sub-menus: When you click on one of the menu items in the left side bar (sale, for example), a sub menu comes up (clearance, end of bolt, odds and ends). When you click on one of those options (clearance, for example), the others disappear, and you have to navigate back to find the sub menu again. I'd prefer "clearance, end of bold, and odds and ends" to stay at the top of the page. (Hope that makes sense!)

In your "Coming Soon" section, it would be nice if you could sign up to be notified when those fabrics are in stock.

I'd like to see the blurb about shipping prices on each product screen. That way, I'd know the price without clicking through to check out or finding the link at the bottom of the screen.

The descriptions under the thumbnails are a little long. For example, if you click on "Fat Quarter Bundles," there's a lot of text under each item. Instead of "Flannel - Urban Blooms by Robert Kaufman, This bundle contains 8 fat quarters of beautiful flannel. Also there is a free pattern for a quilt to go along with it" I'd condense it to something like "Flannel-Urban Blooms by Robert Kaufman. 8 fat quarters." The descriptions are a little too long and clunky as is.

I really love all of your precut fabric options.

I like the little button that says "Save 6%" or whatever.

You have a great shop! Thanks for the chance to provide feedback. Poking around on your site really makes me want to buy something!!


One more thing under fabrics you have the option to click on theme and nothing shows up. You may want to correct this or delete that option.


I didn't really see anything that wa not already pointed out. One thing that I like to be able to see when ordering on-line is where is the business located. I don't see anything that tells when where you are at. USA? Another country?


The first page is a bit “bloggy” I would love to shop in categories beyond companies or designers- what if I just know what the print looks like- but not who makes it? I shop for yardage- but your selection is really slim- (never mind- it looks slim because you are only showing one piece of the collection first, when you click on it you see the rest. I NEVER knew that- I truly thought you only had what shows up on the company page- that needs to be way more clear! They also seem to be priced a bit higher than say etsy- that’s why I have never shopped, When I am shopping I want to find all 30 yards or so from one shop so that I only have to pay shipping one time. I love your blog! I hope that helps.


Something to consider: Living in a small town in Alaska I buy most of my fabric online. I'm sure it complicates things a bit on the production end but shops that offer cuts in sizes other than 1 yard (quarter yard increments) usually get my businesses. Quilting is an expensive hobby and while I wish I could over-order all the fabric I love/need to build a stash it's just not feesible for everyone.

Great idea to ask for feedback - good luck!


What a great giveaway!

Well you already know that you have a great shop, but here's some suggestions anyways. The header could be spruced up with maybe some projects made with fabrics instead of just swatches. There's quite a few words at the top of the home page, maybe put that info at the bottom of the page or attached to an "About Us" link. Instead of having to hover over those great new lines available, maybe spread them out and show them all of at once, I don't mind scrolling down a bit to see how appealing your home page is before I start searching through the fabrics. I also noticed that clearance fabrics aren't attached to their designers in the search and I love finding my favorite designer's sale fabric. And maybe when you click on the list of designers or companies to search, have a swatch of one of their popular fabrics as a thumbnail beside the name - it just makes it more appealing than just a list of text, and maybe I'll like something next to a designer I don't recognize and take a look.

Overall, I think sewers are visual. And even when we're just browsing without a project in mind, seeing swatches and finished projects and lots of eye-candy will make us click on more links and buy up more yummy fabrics.

Good luck with your store! Looking forward to seeing your re-vamp!


OK, I'm in the middle of a purchase (Can't believe you have the little folks voile so CHEAP) and will add notes as I go:
- When I press "Continue shopping" after putting an item in the basket, it should take me back to where I was before, not back to the beginning so I have to search for the fabric line all over again.
- The prices are listed next to the fabric swatch and I can only assume these are for 1 yard of fabric. Should be clearly marked!
- When registering a shipping address, it doesn't allow me to put an Australian state in, only US. Then, where the state field is, it lists 'other' as my state which will NOT assist with shipping.
- The shipping was overcharged according to your shipping rates. I had to accept the overcharge and put a note requesting a refund. Annoying!!
- Pre-cuts should ideally show all the fabrics that will be included in the pack, rather than only 1 sample fabric.
- On a positive note, I think the store looks lovely and clean .... not blog-like at all.
- The inspiration board is noce. I like the little photo corner detail.

I hope this is all helpful and I REALLY WANT TO WIN THIS please!!!

Andi x


I often purchase my fabric from online sources. The biggest complaint I have about some stores is that it is very difficult to determine which fabrics are complimentary to one another. I usually buy 2 or 3 fabrics to use on one project. I generally purchase these fabrics from the same line. I love the stores that have the feature when you click on a particular fabric, the complimentary fabrics will come up next to it. (Not all the fabrics from that line, only the complimentary ones.) It makes it so much easier to find 3 fabrics that will go together. (Go here: to see an example of what I'm referring to.

I agree that the banner should have mention that you are at the SHOP of Lanie Jane.

What I like about your shop is the fresh, clean feel of it. Love the bright colors against the white background.


The first thing I thought was that it looks like a blog and not a store as well. I like how you have your categories set up too, you can search in multiple ways. The links under the photos either needs a brighter color or a bolder font. Another thing I would suggest is make all your photos the same size. One last thing, in the pattern section, I would rearrange the products so that you have quilt patterns, then move onto clothing patterns, then purses, etc or something like that. It felt a little hip hoppy seeing quilt pattern then BOOM clothing pattern.

And maybe brighten up the pink font a little, it tends to get lost in the colors of the photos.


The home page...It looks like a blog, not a store. The info at the top of the page could be put in an "about" tab on the side. Make a bigger deal of new fabrics, so that's the first thing I see when I come to your site. Otherwise, I thought the rest of the site was very clear and organized.

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