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May 30, 2009


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Oh what a wonderful stack of beautiful colors. I would definitely put those to good use on a wonderfully colorful lap quilt or two; one for me and one for my granddaughter. She would love to have one just like grandma's.

My name is Vicki fom a little town near Rockford, IL.


Hello! I'm Elizabeth, living in France, yes, a long way away!
I'd love to win your giveaway, and to be honest i would need to really live with the fabric for a while and then decide what I was going to do!


My name is Jittina and I'm from the Netherlands.
If I win this great give-away I will probably first go crazy with joy and then I would like to make the pattern "Flutterby" I found on the free patterna page of www.modafabrics.com.


Boxed by a Grannie... ;Lol; Just discovered your Blog...don't ask how 'cause even I can't track that !!! The Endless Delights of Blogland... Am I way behind on time for your Giveaway ??? If Not Here Goes...Hi I'm Helen & I live in Southbrook QLD Australia & if I were to win then after a suitable period required for total Drool purposes Methinks a Quilt for Moi...Just Cause I keep giving all the others away & I Soooo... Luv Simple Abundance !!! Big Grin...


Hi, Im Dawnie in Australia. I am just in ore of the wonderful Moda designs. They seem to take forever to get to Australia. I have a couple of great books with Jelly Rolls, that I would love to get my teeth stuck into. I am hope it is not too late to entry your wondeful competition.


I'm tara in Maryland - I'm a traidionalist, so I'd totally make a split rail or log cabin out of those delicious fabrics!

Mary Burn

I am from South Carolina and I would definitely make a quilt with the fabric. The colors are beautiful.


Jen Spanninga

Well, I've never been to your site before and voila! A giveaway, what a nice surprise!
So, I'm from BC, Canada. I am very new to quilting, I'm in the middle of completing my first one. I would definitely be very ecstatic to win. Thanks for the chance!


Hi, I'm Gail from Washington State. I'm starting to think of Christmas gifts and would love some fabric to play with! Thanks for the great blog.


I'm Simona from Croatia and I'd like to make a quilt for my graddaughter


Oooooh this looks like a fun bundle! I think I would make a fun picnic blanket to use at the summer series "Jazz in the Garden" in DC. Thanks for the chance to win!


Hi there!!! what a great giveaway!! I'm Zime from Argentina. I would like to make some of my birds illustration into a mobile. How fun is that??? Wish me luck!!!!

EL Pfister

I'm Edith, from Massachusetts. I think that I would make a quilt. But then again, I was just looking at the "Milk & Cookies" pattern from Fig Tree and I may be feeling something like that.


sorry...take out the parentheses and it'll work.



I have your logo on my right sidebar now.


Hello! I'm Joanna from VA. I would scream if I won! I have never used a jelly roll before so I would have to do some research about what pattern I would like to do. Thanks for the giveaway!


Hi there, bloggede about the giveaway, plus linked on my sidebar! Thanks!


I put your logo in my side bar, picture on my blog and blogged about what a great store you have. I got my fabrics and I LOVE them. Thanks! www.beanieg.blogspot.com


Hi I'm christy in colorado springs. Just found your blog through the Thimbleblossoms site! Would love to win the fabric, it's one of my new favorite groups! I would definitely have to jump up and down a few times while yelling and screaming. Then I'd have to get right down to figuring out exactly which pattern I would start making. Thanks and glad to have found your site!


Louisa from Oregon. If I won, I'd do a little dance. I have to spread out the fabrics to decide what to actually make first... let them speak so to speak.



My name is Annette and I live in France. I would love to win, as I have never worked with jelly rolls before. I am not sure what I would make, like most quilters the possibilities are endless.
Thank you for being so generous.


Aurora in Dallas, Texas. I'm a new quilter and just finished my first quilt top. This would be the perfect start to my second quilt project. I'm hooked!

Chris O'Dorisio

Hi I'm Chris from Virginia.
I would definitely get one of Camille's patterns and make it using this "sweet little bundle"! I don't have a blog..:( but I'll email my friends and send them your way.


Sorry I don't have a blog to add you to. My name is maggie and i'm from north Washington state on the coast. Love the 'simple abundance' grouping of fabrics. Would make a happy little quilt with it. Now i'm going to check out the 'pink fig' patterns.
thanks for offering this.


I added your Lanie Jane logo to my post about your giveaway and will also add it to my sidebar (as soon as I know how to get it to work). My blog is Mountain Musings at: http://girottifamily.typepad.com (I'll stop back by to let you know it's up.)


I just blogged about this giveaway hee:



My name is Deb, and I live in Virginia. I'd be pretty excited if I won that bundle of Simple Abundance! I love Camille's fabrics and would make a quilt from one of her patterns I've already purchased.

Lanette (Sweettata)


Such a thoughtful giveaway!!

My name is Lanette (Sweettata) I reside in Laguna Hills, California. I would use the beautiful fabrics with a pattern from Moda Bakeshop, I visit Moda Bakeshop every other day and love the projects/tutorials =)

Thank you for a chance to win - good luck to all!
[email protected]


Hi, you are so generous to give this wonderful bundle of fabrics away!

I hope I win, altho you have over 200 people vying for this bountiful beauty, I'll use it in a quilt for my granddaughter.

warm quilt hugs, Sue from So. CA


Hi there...I'm Cynthia from Lake Tahoe, CA...fantastic fabric by the way! I'd use either their "Jelly Filled" pattern --- OR Split Decision "Teacher's Pet" to make a quilt. Tough choice!


I'm Robin from Utah. I'd be making a quilt.


I'm Amy from MN. I'd probably give them to my daughter so she could make a project from them for the county fair - she's 11 and in 4-H.


Oh lovely!!!!! Beautiful fabrics. What would I do with them? Create, create, create. I would love to make a new quilt for my bed to help survive those cold winters in northern Canada. I'm Vivian and I'm in the Yukon Territory, Land of the Midnight Sun and long, cold, dark winters.


I'm Sarah and I'm from Colorado. If I won I would make something just for me! I usually make quilts for my kids or husband or other gift, but I think this one would be all mine. :) Well, I'm sure some pieces would make their way on to my baby boy's quilt too, since the colors are similar.


I am Nicole from California and I would make a quilt for my 82 year old dad!

Michelle Smith

I'm Michelle from Utah. Since I never win anything, I would probably pee my pants cuz Camille and Bonnie's stuff in gorgeous! Then I will make a friendship braid quilt. I have had my eye on the pattern and am waiting for simple abundance to make it!

Krist Van Os

Hi- I'm Kristi from Tucson AZ - I have never used a jelly roll before so that would be an new adventure for me. After the excitement of winning... I'd most likely make a quilt. Possibly a hand bag. Whatever it would be it would look great with that fabric. Wow!


I am Kristin from Utah, and I would make a quilt for my daughter - she'll be moving from her crib to a "big girl" bed in a couple of months, and I have nothing to put on it!


I'm from Ohio, and I would admire it, then I would make several little quilts out of it.


I just found you through Camille's site and I will stick around I think...I would love to win that fabric, I've been drooling over it for awhile now! So, to introduce myself, I'm Kelli from North-Central-Florida (think jeans and boots instead of boardshorts and flipflops) and I would use the fabrics to make as much as I could squeeze out of it! Including but not limited to a quilt, pillows, maybe a fall skirt for my little girl, oh I'm just gettings tarted with ideas!
[email protected]

Sarah B.

I'd make my first non-practice quilt. It's such beautiful fabric so I'd definitely have to take my time to avoid messing it up.

Sarah in Hesperia, CA


I'm Ranette from Stillwater, Oklahoma and I'd give the fabric to my sister so she could start quilting and start building her fabric stash! :o)


Tracy in Pa. Wet PA!!
I'd try a tote bag with the prize!
I've put it on my blog too.


Hi, and thanks for your giveaway!
I'm Donna and I live on an island off the coast of Maine.
What would I do with the bundle? I would probably make a special quilt just for myself...a treat!


This fabric line is fantastic!! I am Tina from Idaho. I do believe that with this fabric I would make a fantastic, much needed new window treatment. The colors are perfect for my testosterone filled house (4 boys and a man) and yet girly enough for me :)


I'm Liz from Fullerton, CA and if I won that dreamy fabric, I would make a log cabin quilt for my bed. I love the colors!

Renee G

I'm Renee from Washington State. I'd start out slowly with a couple pillows and a tote, and see where inspiration takes me from there.

Robin Sutherlin

My name is Robin and I live in Katy, TX. If I won... first I would dance around the room for 30 minutes and smile all day long! Then I'd make a quilt and table runner, as these would fit right in at my house!


Hi Jane,
I'm Angela in Washington. I just followed Camille's link over to your site and I LOVE your quilts!! I am going to have to spend more time browsing them soon! Anyways, I would like to make a wall quilt to fill some of the empty walls in my house with those lovely fabrics.

Angie Platten

Looks like great fabric! I've been doing several fabric postcards and small pieces lately and these would be great additions to my stash! I'd love to be in the drawing!


i'd love it win that fabulous fabric! i heard that the moda sample table is just nuts!!! if i were to win the fabric i would make a quilt out of it. (aren't you so surprised???)

Heather Johnson

Hi, I am Heather from St Paul MN. I would make a quilt for me--since I seem to, so often give them away!


Beautiful collection. Please enter me in your drawing. I live in NC. New to quilting,taking a break at the moment to get some "life issues" taken care of.

terry sweet

do i really have to give a reason to want more fabric? however, i saw these new project bags on the bunny hill site that are wonderful and you get 2 bags form 1 jelly roll! how great is that?! terry


Hi, I'm Anya from Wellsboro, PA and I'd make a quilt for me! Thanks for the chance.


i don't know - i always think i know what i'm gonna do - and then when i go to do it, the fabric tells me "NO WAY! I'M A fillintheblank, NOT A fillintheblank!" it's pretty sad when farbic shouts at you, isn't it?


Liz from Arkansas. First, I would jump for joy if I won! Then I would make a skirt or a handbag!

Kaye Prince

I'm Kaye from Toronto, Ontario Canada. I love Camille and read her blog daily! I would use this bundle to make either a quilt, or a table runner with matching placemats for my new apartment. Thanks!

Lori Porten

I already had you on my blog list, but I added your logo to my sidebar! Thanks for doing the giveaway!


Lori Porten

I blogged, I blogged! Thanks for doing the giveaway! ~Lori



Sandy from West Virginia. I haven't purchased new fabric for some time ... been on a fabric diet. Now if I win of course I'd make a quilt maybe even two quilts. Thanks.

v and co

um and when i wrote "majic" i meant "magic" but who knows maybe "majic" would be funner?

v and co

hi i'm vanessa christenson
i live in the middle of nowhere utah
and i would totally make something wonderful with that bundle of joy! just give me a chance to lay my hands on that baby and i can make majic happen!
see don't you want to see majic happen?
so give me it.

Lori Porten

Hi! I'm Lori in Wake Forest, NC. I have been wnating to do a table runner for my kitchen table, so I would probably use it for that!

michelle allen

I'd love to win. I'd use it to make some crazy art dolls or something like that. You're pictures are wonderful btw.


My name is Pat and I currently live in Wisconsin. I would peruse the Moda Bake Shop blog and find something wonderful to make from there :)


What would I do if I won?? First jump up and down and scream (I've never won anything from a blog giveaway) Then I would remove Simple Abundance from my wish list. Finally I would make some yummy mini quilts for Christmas presents. I live in Ojai, California.


I am Michelle from Kingston, Ontario Canada. If I won I would probably scream and shout. :-) June 7th is my birthday. I think I would make a quilt using the Around the Block pattern from Heather Mulder Petersen's book On A Roll Again.


WOW, what a great bundle. If I won, I make a quilt of a cure quilt from the fabrics for our local donation organization.
Rhonda in Oakwood, Texas

Kelly O.

mmmmmm.... simple abundance is so yummy on the computer screen... I can't wait to get my hands on some in real life!

first, I would like to make a mini quilt to hang in my entranceway and then *if* there were any left I think I would make a table runner for my mom.


Hi, I'm Stephanie from Ohio and I would SCREAM if I won because those fabrics look beautiful! Then I might make something to donate to a senior citizen facility in memory of the little ol' gramma you beat up.


Pam in Michigan and I would try a new pattern with it.

Kristin Kimber

Kristin Kimber


OK #2 is done and you are posted on my blog today.

This is fun figuring these things out i.e. how to put you on the side bar and then in my blog.

In any event thank you for the opportunity to win.


I'm Lacey and live in Utah. I would be super excited if I won. I've never quilted before, and this would totally give me the motivation I need...and then maybe I could get over my fear of quilting. I'm scared it's going to really tough!!


Hi, This is MegJill, a brand new West Virginian!
I love anything Camille makes and can't wait for her fabrics to come out! If I was to win I'd definitely be making a quilt for our very first house, that we are currently looking for. And I'll bet a bag of almond M&M's that I'd use a Camille pattern too! :) This would be a great excuse to buy one of her new ones!


I'm Kjersten from Utah I would love to win this beautiful fabric so that I could make a quilt out of it. Thanks for the great giveaway


Hi, I'm Amy from Arizona! I would LOVE to win this!! I love Camille and have recently made two of her 'wild things' quilts. I would use the fabric to start a new quilt.

Silver Scissor Quilts

I'm Elizabeth from Utah. I love to quilt and would love to make a quilt from Simple Abundance. I will blog about this giveaway on my quilt blog and also add your logo to my side bar!


Wow-I'm Erin and live in Northern Virginia. If I won this wonderful gift, I would do several things-one I would make a lap quilt to snuggle with and would use all of the leftovers to put together baby quilts for the NICU babies where I work.

I would love to blog about this give away and plan to do so!! Http://misserincrafts.blogspot.com

Thanks for this give away.

Darlene L

I am the caregiver for my Mom who made wonderful quilts. I would like to try working with her--sort of occupational therapy to make her a lap quilt. Thanks for your generous offer.


Hi! my name is Kristi and I live in Alberta, Canada. if I won this I would quilt them up into a fun quilt. and see if I could bear to give it to my sister in law, but maybe just keep it for myself!

Account Deleted

I'm Zarina from Malaysia. Coincidentally almost all of my fabric which I've purchased to kick start my quilting again late last year is FQ/layer cakes. I usually like to make simple 4/9-patch quilts. The simplicity makes the fabric stands out.


Blogged! I really want to win! :)


Just put your logo on my side bar!


Small town girl from Rupert Idaho! Love this fabric line! If I won it would definitely be used to make a baby quilt! No sure of the pattern yet, have to let it sit for awhile! :)

Wendy Peatross

Hi, I'm Wendy and I live in SE Idaho. I've been hearing about this new fabric line for awhile now. Can't wait to get some of my own. These colors would make a great quilt for my family room.


I'm Christine, from upstate NY. If I won, I would make a nice quilt for the TV room. Something cozy and wonderful that I could snuggle with my 3 kids under next winter....

Susan Lanthrip

Hi! I am Susan from Alabama. I am new to sewing and quilting. I completely love Camille and Bonnie's fabrics. I will probably make a table topper if I win.


i'm holly from texas and if i won i'd call everyone i know cause i never win anything! then i'd make a patchwork skirt for my daughter.

Mary Lou

I'm Mary Lou from Texas. I would use the fabric in a Thimble Blossoms pattern. I love her patterns and already have a few, so this would be a good reason to get some more! Thanks for the giveaway, love your site and your store.


Woowee -- what a beautiful bunch of fabrics! Hum, I am sure there is a quilt pattern I've had my eye on that these fabrics would make gorgeous! I'd be thrilled to receive this in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. Bonnie


Would love to win the fabric. Thanks for sharing the pictures of Market. It is great to see so much about it in blogland!


I'm Elizabeth from Baltimore, Maryland and I would start on a new quilt for my husband and I :) Thanks for the generous giveaway!


I'm Rebecca from Michigan and if I win I'd make a new tote!! Way cool blog, by the way!!


Hi, I'm Angela in Illinois. I would love to make a wall-hanging quilt with that wonderful Simple Abundance!


Hi there - fabulous give-away - I've let my blogging world in on the fun!!!


I am Rebecca, from NC. I would love to say that I would make a quilt or table runner or spectacular from Camille's beautiful fabrics, but sadly I would probably put it on a shelf too imtimidated and scared of messing it up! Okay, I would make something, eventually. I already have some of her patterns!


I posted on my blog. Please pick me!!


I am Eleanor. I would make a quilt with my daughter if I won.

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